Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Cross Stitching S A L !

18 CT. 3.3"x3.3"

Since this is a new year it is time for new things! I have decided to throw a cross stitching stitch along. (SAL) It is called a calendar of cottages. Just click on the tab above and you will find the first free cross stitch chart for January. I realize I'm a bit behind on my idea but I will get February's cottage up tomorrow. Each month I will put another up. If you decide to take the design to use, please become a follower so I will know that people really do like the idea. Also when you finish each cottage, send me a picture to my email and I will show your progress! I will also link to your blog. I am excited to see how many of you will join me in this SAL!

Have a lovely day,

PS~ Okay, so here is February, I got it done today lol.

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  1. Dear Lesley, have you posted the other parts of the SAL also?


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