Sunday, January 30, 2011

A frogging we will go~

Rip-it, Rip-it.
Today I was all excited to start on the next motif on my Mary Wigham sampler. I thought I had picked out the perfect colors for the little squirel in the tree, however when I had a few rows of it stitched..well you know how it goes. The colors just didn't seem right. So now I will rip them out and have to try a different combination. We will see tomorrow if my judgment is a little better.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stitching and Stretching

Hello dear friends,

You may notice the little weight tracker at the bottom of my posts. Like many of you, I have struggled with some weight gain for the last four years. I started my diet in December and have lost 30lbs to date. (YAY!) I work out with Jillian from biggest loser. She can really bust your buns! Then I do some stretching. As far as diet goes, I am doing the slim fast for breakfast and lunch and a lean cuisine dinner in the evening. Slim fast is one diet scheme that works really well for me.

Today has been a busy day, seems like one little job just ran into another and before you know it, it's time to make dinner. I made our version of chicken pot pie which I make with cream of chicken soup, diced chicken breast, a variety of veggies (fresh or frozen if you want it really quick and easy) and then topped off with some stove top stuffing and bake for 30 minutes. (You can even use canned chicken if you wanted!) This is a surprisingly easy and yummy meal. I had a lean cuisine chicken in delicious sauce with veggies.

Rhett and Ms. Scarlette will agree as they are always present while cooking is going on. We don't slip them human treats...much.

After dinner and one load of laundry I did get to stitch a little so here is where I am today on Mary Wigham. I finished up the birds the flowers and leaves as well as the ric-rak and Mary's name below it.I know the picture is terribly blurry, the light in my bedroom is dim right now so I will try and replace this with a clearer photo tomorrow. But you can still get the idea of where I am.

As a teenager my grandmother taught me to embroider and she always instructed to start the design in the center. I have carried this into adulthood with some cross stitching projects as well and as you can see with this Mary Wigham I have started at the center.

Tomorrow I will move on to the squirrel in the tree motif just above this one. I love doing samplers for the immediate sense of accomplishment you get after each motif. It makes you really feel like you are getting somewhere even if it is by small steps.

I guess that would be good advice for my weight lose as well, one small step at a time!

I hope you all have a lovely evening,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Begining Mary Wigham Sampler

Today I have begun the beautiful Mary Wigham quaker sampler. It is a freebie available at Needleprint. Needleprint is a blog I love to look at, so you might want to take a few minutes and see all the other great stuff there.

I will be putting up pictures as I go along and also any freebies that I come across. I am going to do my M.W. in a variety of colors in the DMC light effects floss. It is very silky and can be a little tricky to work with but the look in the end is worth it. I doubt if it will show in pictures but I'll try.

Well, it's my dinner time here so I guess I'll go chow and then get stitching.

Have a lovely day!